Sigma II

The perfect mounting system for major photovoltaic projects


Sigma II

The Sigma II system combines the installation advantages with the cost advantages of steel components. The galvanized mounting system stands out due to its simple, functional design. By using the proven Clickstone-technology, installation efforts are significantly reduced. Cap profile posts contribute to a higher load-bearing capacity and stability while reducing material requirements.

As a dual post mounting system, the Sigma II is perfectly suited for flexible module configurations. Depending on the project requirements, it can be installed using various foundations such as, ramming posts, earth screws or foot plates for concrete. An adjustable connection between the rafter and module rail enables installation on terrains with East/West slopes.


The system is developed and produced under certified sustainability standards. In addition, the components are recycable and easily disassembled.

System design

Ground mount

System type

Sigma II

Module dimensions

Standard modules with 60 or 72 cells

Table configuration

SIGMA II - two post system,

20° - 25° inclination,

0.60 m standard ground clearance

2V 60/ 72

3V 60/ 72

4H 60/ 72

6H 60/ 72

Framed module

Maximum slope in east-west direction

2° (standard), <10° (by design)

Foundation type

Ramming piles

Foot plates on concrete foundation,

In-cast in concrete foundation,



Screw driven

Length of posts

Embedment depth up to 1.60 m

The assumed embedment depth has to be verified by pull out test.


Posts are galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 (70µm),

galvanized steel for rafters, legs, struts and panel rails,

stainless steel screws

Orientation portrait

Module fastening method

Standard module clamps/ click stones

Country package

Project drawings in Hungarian language,

Static calculation in Hungarian language,

Verified static report in Hungarian language,

(on-demand, optional)

Orientation landscape


subject to final project engineering

Spare parts,

Pile driving plan,

Inverter mounting hardware,

Project static report,

Pull-out test




Romania, Ucea de Sus, 55 MWp

High-quality structures for various applications, delivered on time, internationally


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